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I'M still not sure what my feelings are about Sunday's rally in Kelana Jaya which was a combo to include a protest against rising prices, another platform for Anwar Ibrahim to take aim at his usual political targets and a band that was supposed to entertain but instead misfired and was lucky to escape with minor injuries after being set upon by the crowd.

I don't expect them to agree with me but I think the news item about Carburetor Dung and its vocalist Alak is quite funny. Although brought to the stadium to entertain, they found themselves targetted by a crowd that appeared not to agree with the lyrics to a song and also with Alak's underwear exposing antic. From what I've read I conclude that everything about them was a bad choice. They would be more at home with the reformasi crowd, particularly their song Mari Nyanyi Menjilat and its lyrics, but then I read that the coordinator of the entertainment segment for the day was my friend and activist Hishamuddin Rais. No surprises there for me.

The crowd of course fell way, way short of the one million the organisers said they were going to attract. In the absence of an established system to estimate the number of people present, not surprisingly one news report put the total at 10,000 while another had it at 20,000!

I've also read and read the remarks by Anwar relating to a suggestion that both he and his accuser Mohd. Saiful swear their positions on the Quran. The many reports quoted Anwar's response differently but I think I'm right to say that he has decided that he was not going to do so, as suggested by Perlis mufti Dr. Mohd. Asri but preferred the truth to the allegation be determined by a syariah court, I assume only if the prosecutors decide there is sufficient evidence to charge Anwar that is.

Other religious officials have since given their opinions on Asri's suggestion. I don't know about the rights and wrongs of it from a religious perspective but if there is nothing against the religion for someone to swear his innocence on the Quran and in the name of God, I would not hesitate to do it if I'm innocent. I'll even do it on my father's grave if that helps to dispel all doubts.

Just as he has been doing since Saiful alleged and reported to police that he had been sodomised, Anwar yesterday announced that he was going "to provide more evidence of wrongdoing by Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan and Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail". In the meantime we await what other evidence, if any, Anwar has against DPM Najib Razak. After all Anwar had said a few days ago that he was going to do so "in a few days time".

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